Justin Bieber Controversy

Sixteen years young Justin Bieber has a brilliant singing career going for him but he also stays mixed up in controversy. Even though Justin hasn’t been in the music business for very long, he has already experienced his share of controversy. In reality Justin’s whole career is controversial. Many critics have criticized that Justin is just a music industry trial with no real talent while others have said that they merely just don’t like him. Issues of age, race and sex all play a role in the Justin Bieber controversy.

A) Age-Justin was only fifteen years old when he signed his first record contract. The controversy from this branch from the fact that the entertainment business just isn’t proper for children. Many view child singers and actors as people who are being controlled by an industry known to utilize them. Another factor is education as well as who is getting the money from the child’s labor. By Justin being a young singer he will maintain to face that sort of scrutiny.

B) Race-The kind of music that Justin does is a mixture of R and B along with a pop element added to it. Traditionally R and B music has been considered “Black” music. There are people out there who dislike Justin doing R and B and think he is making a travesty of it. Others feel that he is just being used to sell “Black” music to a “White” audience. Even when Justin was voted for a BET (Black entertainment television) award in 2010 it elevated a lot of speculation and controversy.

C) Sex-Justin’s music is promoted to the younger listeners of teens and pre-teens. At this age children are sensitive and eager to try new things. Justin has been made into a sex symbol of class yet he is only sixteen. This opens the door for parents to have to deal with and answer sex correlated questions. This is because their teenage daughters and sons may be in love with Justin Bieber who usually deals with relationship topics in his music. Controversy over his lyrics and image continue to rage on.

Other Justin Bieber controversies:

When Justin was attacked by hackers on Youtube, Google was fast to fix the problem. Justin was under attack just for being Justin. Porn was posted under some of his videos and people were re-directed to porn websites. Then, there was controversy over Justin’s popularity on Twitter. He had become so admired that he would continue on the top of Twitter trends which caused Twitter to re-format the idea behind it. One of the most recent controversies involving Justin was based on the word “German”. While being interviewed overseas Justin misunderstood a question in which everyone thought he didn’t know what “German” meant. The misunderstanding was cleared up later when recording of Justin counting in German emerged. Even after his manager was arrested Justin caused controversy simply by showing him his support.

The controversy surrounding Just Bieber won’t end anytime soon. Even though most of the controversy that he finds himself in isn’t his fault, he still has to deal with it. Much of it is just spite coming from a public that loves drama. Very little has anything to do with Justin Bieber as a singer

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