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Octa Markets Incorporated was registered in 2011 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under license number 19776 IBC 2011. The Company's legal and correspondence address is Cedar Hill Crest, P.O. Box 1825, Villa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. OctaFX activity is supervised and regulated by the authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act, chapter 149 of the revised laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2009, section 5(1). OctaFX acts in full compliance with international legislation and regulation standards. We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. You can review Customer Documents as well as AML policy and other important legal documents in the Legal Agreements section at www.octafx.com.
OctaFX has developed a variety of options to make your forex trading even more convenient. We offer live ECN accounts as well as micro accounts. The lowest spreads, real-time market execution and true ECN offset are among the top advantages of OctaFX.
OctaFX is indeed a client-oriented company. This said, we are working hard to further improve our services. Stability, perfection and close attention to detail is what makes OctaFX different from our competitors. Our highly educated and well-trained Customer Care Department works 24/5 to answer your inquiries and help you. We are always open to suggestions and feedback.

Why Choose OctaFX

Why choose OctaFX?

No requotes

In OctaFX you can forget about requotes. Whatever the market conditions, we will always execute your order.

True ECN

Being an ECN broker, OctaFX guarantees offset of your positions. OctaFX is not a market maker, we do not place any opposite or any other trades. This said, we are directly interested in our clients making profits!


OctaFX is indeed a client-oriented company. This said, we are working hard to further improve our services. Stability, perfection and close attention to detail is what makes OctaFX different from our competitors. Our highly educated and well-trained Customer Care Department works 24/5 to answer your inquiries and help you.

Advanced trading software

OctaFX offers Metatrader 4 trading software — the leading forex trading platform in the world. With its great flexibility and advanced functionality, it has earned recognition from traders around the world.

Reliability and stability

OctaFX provides a highly protected environment, which eliminates any possible technical risks. Our server environment is monitored by highly proficient technical specialists.

Great trading conditions

OctaFX offers low spreads from 0.2 pips and up to 1:500 leverage with microlots (0.01 size) available for everyone.

Segregated accounts

In accordance with international regulation standards, OctaFX uses a separate account to keep protected customers' funds segregated from the company's assets. This makes your funds secure and safe.

No restrictions for trading (scalping, hedging, news, EAs, etc)

OctaFX has removed all restrictions on trading techniques. Therefore any trading strategy is welcomed. Whether scalping, hedging, news trading or EAs — you are welcome to apply these trading strategies at OctaFX.

Swap free accounts

Due to growing demand, OctaFX has introduced swap-free accounts. Whether your beliefs or trading strategy requires swap-free trading, you can always open a swap-free account at OctaFX.

Promotions and contests

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Jurassic Park : The Game

If you ever puzzled what happened to that Barbasol will filled with stolen dinosaur embryos, Telltale has simply the journey game for you. Jurassic Park: The Game picks up when Dennis Nedry gets a face filled with Dilophosaurus spit (also, eaten) and drops the will, which, it seems, includes a locating device within. therefore the plot of the sport runs partly parallel to the 1993 movie; at one purpose, for example, you will see the last chopper out of Isla Nublar flying Dr. Grant and cluster to safety.

It conjointly deals with what happens to the park when the events of the film (fans may recall the second film takes place on a distinct island). apart from Gerry Harding, the park's chief veterinarian and a minor half within the 1st movie, all of the characters are original. because the game begins, we tend to be a part of Miles, who had been looking ahead to Nedry to deliver the embryos, and Nima, a former Isla Nublar native employed as a guide, as they arrive at the location of Nedry's abandoned jeep, that is balanced on a ledge in Dilophosaurus territory.

The game takes the shape of a point-and-click-style journey in 3D environments, laced with cutscenes and dialogue choices. It combines slower, puzzle-based sections and quick-time-like action within the same vein as cinematic journey serious Rain. Mark Darin, one in every of the lead designers, says serious Rain had "a heap of influence" on Telltale's approach to Jurassic Park: the sport. "I just like the approach they told a story," he says, though notes he found it often "tedious within the controls."

The will is nowhere to be found round the jeep, leaving Nima, a tracker and smuggler by trade, to decipher clues left within the form of footprints, broken glass, a gnawed corpse, and therefore the like. there is not any direct steering of a personality round the environment; instead, you choose the realm you would like to research and then notice and examine the things inside.

The clue finding is followed by an action sequence; once they are inevitably attacked by dinosaurs, Nima must get into the jeep, start it, and drive off before being spat on or chewed up. this can be accomplished via quick-time prompts, with a mix of left bumper press and analog stick twirl, for example. The scene plays out differently consistent with player ability, with allowances for bigger or lesser degrees of success, though the player character may also die. In that case, he or she is going to be respawned a number of steps back within the sequence.

With the likeable Back to the longer term game recently underneath its belt, Telltale ought to be snug adapting another much-loved sci-fi flick. Alan Johnson, Telltale's head of PR and social media, says the studio is not regarding low-cost cash-ins primarily based on in style non-game properties (there's a Walking Dead tie-in game within the works, too). "We're not simply slapping logos on things," he says. Jurassic Park: the sport can draw on the movie's original soundtrack and iconic sound effects, like the T. rex roar and Dilophosaurus screech.

It'll conjointly flesh out areas of the island that get solely fleeting mentions within the film, like the park rides and a marine facility for water dinos. the sport is returning to the computer and Mac in episodic downloadable kind from November fifteen, with the Xbox three60 and PlayStation 3 releases to follow. Though Johnson says Telltale remains "very committed to episodic games," the Xbox 360 are going to be receiving a full retail version; that's, all four episodes, every a number of hours long, on an equivalent disc.

Apple Stock | Steve Jobs

Apple stock dipped the maximum amount as 7.39 % Wednesday, stripping $24 billion from its market cap in after-hours trading, once its iconic leader Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down as CEO amid longstanding health considerations.

Under Steve Jobs, whose vision is credited with delivering an unprecedented string of breakthrough merchandise from the Apple II to the iPad, Apple had surged from close to bankruptcy within the late Nineteen Nineties to the foremost valuable company within the world this month, briefly topping Exxon Mobile. Along the method, it eclipsed long term rival Microsoft, and it most up-to-date adversary, Google. It had closed the day at $376.18, up 0.69% from yesterday, before sliding on the news.

Analysts downplayed the drop, noting that Jobs was long expected to step removed from the CEO role. “Frankly it removes an overhang. People didn’t know when this would happen or when the day would come. It’s probably the best outcome,” Michael Walker, Portfolio Manager for WP Stewart told Reuters.

Ultimately, Walker said, the market had already priced Steve Jobs’ departure into the stock. On Jan. 17, he took a medical leave of absence — he’d previously been diagnosed with of a rare sort of pancreatic cancer, and in 2009 underwent a liver transplant.

Still, the move brings to an in depth an era, capping one amongst the most important business comebacks in history. Steve Jobs was fired from the corporate he founded in 1985, then invited back to run it because it foundered on the brink of bankruptcy. In 1997, right once Jobs got his job back, Michael Dell was asked what would he do to mend it. He famously answered “I’d shut it down and provides the cash back to the shareholders.”

Since then, Apple’s success on the rear of winning merchandise from the iMac to the iPod, iPhone and iPad has become a business legend. At one purpose of the top of July the money existing out there to Apple, or its liquidity, exceeded that of the U.S. Government. the fellows at Cupertino may count on $76 billion in their wallet, whereas Washington couldn’t reach deeper in their pockets than $74 billion.

Now the question is how the corporate will continue its winning streak below new leadership. In his resignation letter, Steve Jobs gave a robust recommendation for COO Tim Cook, a person known additional for operational experience than vision, to be appointed as his replacement. The board accepted the advice and appointed Cook as Jobs’ successor. Jobs can function chairman of the board.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role,” Steve Jobs wrote in an exceedingly letter asserting his resignation.

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Justin Bieber Controversy

Sixteen years young Justin Bieber has a brilliant singing career going for him but he also stays mixed up in controversy. Even though Justin hasn’t been in the music business for very long, he has already experienced his share of controversy. In reality Justin’s whole career is controversial. Many critics have criticized that Justin is just a music industry trial with no real talent while others have said that they merely just don’t like him. Issues of age, race and sex all play a role in the Justin Bieber controversy.

A) Age-Justin was only fifteen years old when he signed his first record contract. The controversy from this branch from the fact that the entertainment business just isn’t proper for children. Many view child singers and actors as people who are being controlled by an industry known to utilize them. Another factor is education as well as who is getting the money from the child’s labor. By Justin being a young singer he will maintain to face that sort of scrutiny.

B) Race-The kind of music that Justin does is a mixture of R and B along with a pop element added to it. Traditionally R and B music has been considered “Black” music. There are people out there who dislike Justin doing R and B and think he is making a travesty of it. Others feel that he is just being used to sell “Black” music to a “White” audience. Even when Justin was voted for a BET (Black entertainment television) award in 2010 it elevated a lot of speculation and controversy.

C) Sex-Justin’s music is promoted to the younger listeners of teens and pre-teens. At this age children are sensitive and eager to try new things. Justin has been made into a sex symbol of class yet he is only sixteen. This opens the door for parents to have to deal with and answer sex correlated questions. This is because their teenage daughters and sons may be in love with Justin Bieber who usually deals with relationship topics in his music. Controversy over his lyrics and image continue to rage on.

Other Justin Bieber controversies:

When Justin was attacked by hackers on Youtube, Google was fast to fix the problem. Justin was under attack just for being Justin. Porn was posted under some of his videos and people were re-directed to porn websites. Then, there was controversy over Justin’s popularity on Twitter. He had become so admired that he would continue on the top of Twitter trends which caused Twitter to re-format the idea behind it. One of the most recent controversies involving Justin was based on the word “German”. While being interviewed overseas Justin misunderstood a question in which everyone thought he didn’t know what “German” meant. The misunderstanding was cleared up later when recording of Justin counting in German emerged. Even after his manager was arrested Justin caused controversy simply by showing him his support.

The controversy surrounding Just Bieber won’t end anytime soon. Even though most of the controversy that he finds himself in isn’t his fault, he still has to deal with it. Much of it is just spite coming from a public that loves drama. Very little has anything to do with Justin Bieber as a singer

Maurice Sendak - Sendak Exhibition Tames Monsters at Danbury Library - Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak - Sendak Exhibition Tames Monsters at Danbury Library - Maurice Sendak

Imagine the next time you join a discussion Maurice Sendak. Once you start sharing the fascinating Maurice Sendak facts beneath, your pals will be definitely surprised. When you start to move over and above simple track record info, you begin to understand that there is much to Maurice Sendak might have thought first.

Near the entrance of the exhibition Danbury Public Library, 50 % a dozen pen-size, bearded goblins work collectively to heave a wailing infant off the floor of his crib and sneak him away into the evening. Illustrations of fantasy author Maurice Sendak - a bird the size of the modest auto, a younger boy parading via a metropolis of food boxes and milk cartons - has captivated young audiences for generations.

His 1963 image e-book, "Where the Wild Things Are," about a boy named Max who conquered the terrifying monsters, creativity, continues to be a favored of kids for about fifty years. The exhibition, "In a Nutshell: The Worlds of Maurice Sendak," opened May 14 in the library, and is also scheduled to drive at June 24. It particulars how Sendak's image publications were an approach to conquer his own monsters.

Understanding enough about maurice sendak to create solid choice, informed selections cuts down for the concern aspect. In tcase of applying what you have just discovered about maurice sendak, you need to have nothing to fear.

Lady GaGa Spotted Getting Steamy With Boyfriend in Her Bizarre Bikini

Lady GaGa Spotted Getting Steamy With Boyfriend in Her Bizarre Bikini. For the numerous time, Lady GaGa made her way out in her bizarre outfit. During a holiday on the Greek island of Crete earlier this month, GaGa was snapped putting on a screwy gold bra which looked like a shield made of metal and matching it with a black panty having the same gold metal detail on it and a scarf over her hair.

During the down time, GaGa was accompanied by club promoter boyfriend Luc Carl. In
pictures obtained by Daily Mail, the "Poker Face" hitmaker and Carl were seen engaged in intimate and racy moments. At one point, the 24-year-old singer was seen lying on top of Carl as he relaxed on a couch on the beach at the exclusive Blue Palace resort.

Beside spending some intimate moments during the holiday, GaGa and Carl were also said exchanging handwritten vows and rings on a secret ceremony. A source told Britain's Grazia magazine, "They exchanged rings in a spiritual service and drank shots before sitting down to a lovely private dinner at a tiny restaurant."

"They wanted to show that they are committed to each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together," the source went on. Though so, a publicist for GaGa has debunked the secret spiritual commitment story, telling E! Online "It's completely untrue."

Kanye West Admits He Contemplated Suicide

Kanye West Admits He Contemplated Suicide. Rapper Kanye West has vowed never to "give up on life again" after revealing he contemplated suicide during his darkest days of depression. The "Stronger" hitmaker made the admission on Monday, October 18 at a Los Angelesscreening of his new film "Runaway", which was attended by his close family and famous friends, including Ryan Phillippe, Pete Wentz and his wifeAshlee Simpson.

He refused to go into detail about when he experienced his lowest of lows, but hinted his mother's sudden death in 2007 was the tipping point. But West claimed he stopped himself from taking his own life after realizing he had a duty as a "soldier for culture" to speak out on behalf those whose voices will never be heard.

He told the audience, "There were times that I contemplated suicide. I will not give up on life again. There's so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard. I do it for them... I have no mother, no grandmothers, no girlfriend, no daughter, and I lived with a woman my whole life. I feel like a soldier for culture. I have to fight for those who don't have that."

West will make his chart comeback in November when he releases his new album "
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", a year after he stormed the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and ruined Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

He fled his home in the U.S. and spent months living on his own in Japan and Italy after the controversy and the rapper insists his time off has given him the opportunity to find his "creative sweet spot" as a child again. He said, "I feel like I've found my creative sweet spot, to think like a five year old at all times. Make a decision like if I was five, what would I like? What would I like before I was taught what to like?"

Justin Bieber Reportedly Investigated for Alleged Assault at Laser Tag Center

Justin Bieber Reportedly Investigated for Alleged Assault at Laser Tag Center.

Justin Bieber reportedly has been caught in the middle of police investigation following an alleged assault happened at a laser tag center in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada on Friday, October 15 just before 5:30 P.M. According to CBC News, Bieber was kicked out of the center after a 12-year-old boy told the staff the "Baby" hitmaker has punched him.

Although Bieber or his rep hasn't released any statement about the investigation report, Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that they are investigating the alleged assault as Rcmp Cpl. Annie Linteau said on a press release on Sunday, October 17.

Linteau stated, "In investigations such as this, we would speak to anyone who may have information that could help the police investigation and of course that would include anyone witnesses, people working at the facility, et cetera."

"The father of a 12-year-old boy reported to police that his son was assaulted by another boy at a Richmond entertainment facility," Linteau further said. "The boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require medical attention at the time of the incident."

Though so, the RCMP refused to give specific details about who was involved and what has really happened. Linteau further revealed, "We are aware of speculations concerning the identity of one of the parties allegedly involved."

"However, we would like to remind the public that we do not release the names of any suspect until charges have been laid. In cases where the accused is under the age of 18, the identity of the accused is not released as per the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act."

Meanwhile, a source close to the investigation told TMZ that Bieber hit the boy because he defended himself after being called "faggot". Bieber was reportedly targeted by the boy repeatedly and when he became frustrated, he told the kid, "That's enough."

Instead of doing the request, the kid allegedly responded, "What are you gonna do about it, faggot?" with shocked Bieber replying "Excuse me?" Another kid was said telling Bieber, "You're a faggot" and then putting his hand out toward Bieber who pushed it away as he left. However, several other sources insisted Bieber didn't struck the other boy. Hours after the alleged incident, the boy's father filed the complaint.


Chord Overstreet To Join New Season Of Musical Series Glee This Fall

Chord Overstreet To Join New Season Of Musical Series Glee This Fall

Chord Overstreet will appear in the upcoming second season ofGlee, which premieres on September 21 and will reportedly feature an episode dedicated to the cult musical film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It has been confirmed, after FOX released a statement, that Chord Overstreet will be joining the cast of the popular musical series Glee, for it’s new season this year which begins on September 21, 2010.

In the statement that Fox released, Chord Overstreet will be playing the character Sam, “a high-school athlete starts off as Finn’s protégé but becomes his competition.”

Chord Overstreet is a very familiar face as he is the star of the hit Nickelodeon’s “iCarly”.

The new season of Glee, which is the second season of the popular musical series, will feature many guest appearances such as John Stamos, Emma Pilsbury, and many more.

Chord Overstreet, who is not only an actor, but a musician too, is really looking forward to the new season of Glee.


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