Justin Bieber Punches Girl

Justin Bieber Punches Girl. Video is posted on YouTube it covers R & B hits by artists like Chris Brown and Ne-Yo became a sensation among paying attention to Scott Brown Scooter impresario Atlanta music.

There are rumors about Justin Bieber punches girl, they all started coming when a girl stated that she was punched by Justin Bieber. It is said that Justin punched a girl at his show in Nokia theatre. This rumor is probably a fake on because Justin is on the top of the hit list of the internet hoax; he has been the target of countless rumors since the past month. Justin Bieber punches girl is being searched in all over the world by the Justin Bieber to know the truth but they find no truth in the rumors that are all over the internet, we can say that the income of many of the news websites is due to these rumors.

Justin Bieber punches girl. Duh! Online rumors about Justin Bierber are not stopping. The teen star did not punch any girl. And of course he isn’t dead!

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